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SCA Work training, Madame Sherri
      Student Conservation Association volunteers on a work training session in the Madame Sherri Forest.


As volunteers ourselves, we cannot overestimate the value to us of those of you who work on our trails, whether as “trail adopters”, “chainsaw guys”, or just informal “eyes and ears”.  Just within the town we have about 30 miles of trails for which we are ultimately responsible … and this does not even include trails which are part of the Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail but are in Keene, Hinsdale, Winchester, Brattleboro, or Swanzey.  Regarding these other towns, trails included therein are often the prime responsibility of someone else, examples of such groups would be the Monadnock Conservancy, the Friends of Pisgah, the Horatio Colony Trust, and the Friends of the West River Trail (a new and evolving connection), but we sometimes partner with them on trail issues.


We have developed an Adopt-a-Trail program and have a group of active volunteers helping us maintain the various trails.  For information about adopting a trail or volunteering, please contact Tom at 256-6082.

Trail Adopters

Friedsam Town Forest

Ancient Oaks Trail                   Pam and Ken Walton

Sargent Trail                            Val and Jon Starbuck

Cemetery Loop                       Connie LeFleur 

Audrey’s Meander, ski trail      Ray Dunn


Madame Sherri Region  (western section of Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail)

Mine Ledge Trail                     Katharine and Rama Davis

Ann Stokes Loop                     Kathy Thatcher

Daniels Mt. Loop                     Chris Hardee

Daniels Mt. Trail                      Ed and Barb Fletcher

Bear Mt. Connector                  Jon Glende

Bear Mt. Trail                           Laurel Powell


Keene Connector Trail (partnership with Monadnock Conservancy and Antioch NE

Draper Road/Hines Road         Wayne Dingman

Old Swanzey Rd. to Hourglass Bob and Nancy Miller

Hourglass to Horatio Colony CCC/Monadnock Conservancy

Horatio Colony Trail Horatio Colony/Antioch NE Collaborative


Chainsaws on call

John Herrick

Graham Golden