The lovely town of Chesterfield may be small and only houses two communities – West Chesterfield and Spofford, NH, which is brimming with beautiful surroundings.

It offers many sites and sights, but here are the top 6 places you must visit during your stay:

1. Chesterfield Inn

It’s a relaxing inn situated on a hillside. You’ll get to the spot after a winding and yet, completely relaxing driveway. Pretty gardens and green meadows surround the inn.

Aside from the views and delicious food, the place is ideal for hanging out and relaxing after a day, well-spent visiting nearby tourist spots.

2. Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area

This is a geological genius worth spending your time into and wandering about. The 13-acre loop houses a waterfall. The falling water comes from the Westfield River and has developed a natural wall of rock carvings with a height of 70 feet.

An hour spent strolling the place is enough to see so much without feeling tired for the amazing sceneries that abound.

3. Madame Sherri’s Forest

If it is hiking that you have signed up for, this is the place that will fulfill such a feat. The place got its name from an eccentric costume designer, Madame Sherri, who loved the Gulf Road woods. Her love for the woods is evident up to now with the well-made castle in the woods Madame Sherri had constructed.

While you can only see the full view of the castle in books and pictures since it was damaged by fire in 1962, you will still see the remains of the ruins, including the castle’s fireplace and grand staircase.

This makes a spectacular view from the Anne Stokes Trail loop. Many seek the place to enjoy the outdoors, but some get the thrill from searching for something spooky while navigating the area.

4. 1780 Farm

Suppose you happen to visit Chesterfield from June to October. In that case, you can check the venue’s farm stand that sells a wide range of produce, including tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, peas, herbs, and many more.

You can also call them before going so they can pack a picnic basket you can bring as you wander around the town for the rest of the day. The farm also offers other activities, including hiking trails and blueberry picking.

While at it, you may also want to taste Walpole ice cream.

5. Actors Theatre Playhouse

This playhouse is considered one of the oldest performing arts venues in New England. Still, it continues to showcase plays, staged readings, and other performances.

It has been around for 40 years but is still flocked by both locals and tourists. You might want to check out their scheduled events at their website so you can book a visit if something in the lineup caught your fancy.

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