Chesterfield Gorge

If you are up for an easy to moderate hike, the Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area is the perfect spot for you. You can try the Wilde Brook by following the 7-mile Wilderness Loop Trail.

Within an hour, you can finish the trail and see what it has in store for visitors, such as loop hikes, cascades, waterfalls, brooks, and the gorge rock formations.

Wantastiquet Mountain State Forest

The site’s main highlight is the 1335 feet high Wantastiquet Mountain. Its trail is suited for experienced hikers or those who want to level up their adventure. From the Mountain Road, the trail moves way beyond the Connecticut River bridge.

Heading to the Wantastiquet Mountain takes an hour and 30 minutes of hiking before following other paths that will lead you to fantastic destinations and views, including the Indian Pond and Madame Sherri Forest.

Wantastiquet – Monadnock Trail

Hiking this trail begins at Brattleboro to Mount Monadnock, about 50 miles. Along the way, you will see attractions, such as the Horatio Colony Preserve, My. Monadnock State Parks, Pisgah, Bear Mountain, Madame Sherri Forest, and Mt. Wantastiquet.

Evans Farm Easement

The site protects the 37.5 acres part of the Village of Chesterfield’s working farmland. Aside from serving as the town’s gateway, the Evans Farm Easement helps preserve the village’s feel and character.

Aside from the times when agricultural operations are active, visiting the place to enjoy the views and sights are unlimited.

Aside from walking or driving around, you can also tour the place through cross-country skiing or using a snowshoe.

Madame Sherri Forest

This forest got its name from the Ziegfeld Follies’ costume designer in the 1920s. Madame Sherri put up the castle in the woods, but it already looked neglected even before she died at age 84.

Two years before Madame Sherri died, the castle was destroyed by fire, although its grand stone staircase, chimneys, and foundation can still be seen on a side trail in the forest.

Pisgah State Park

It’s a rough terrain embraced by trees with a land area of above 13,500 acres. The site protects many wetlands, four highland ridges, and seven pounds.

You can try six trailheads in the park, with each trail offering different activities and adventures.

Friedsam Town Forest

It was a gift to the Town of Chesterfield by the Friedsam family, which measures around 220 acres of greenery and trails. You can choose among the three parking areas.

Each area has access to the different adventures you can experience depending on the trail you’re following. The forest is filled with beautiful rock formations, numerous old-growth trees, streams, ancient stone walls at the pasture, and new growth at its old farm.

James O’Neil, Sr. Forest

The name came from a statesman and outstanding citizen. They had active roles in establishing Pisgah State Park and the Friedsam Town Forest.

You can access the land from Daniel’s Mt. Loop and roam as you want since there are no designated trails. You’ll find this woodland that measures around 80 acres on Chesterfield’s Gulf Road.

Otter Pond Forest

It’s a 134-acre natural area of wildlife, wetlands, and woods situated along the Pisgah State Park and Old Swanzey Road. Its name was given by Diane Gibbons, a naturalist who previously owned the land.

Gibbons spent lots of her time in the area’s extensive wetlands observing otters. Now, you’ll find different kinds of wildlife in the area aside from otters, including bobcats, moose, bears, foxes, coyotes, and deer.

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