Fall is the season when you can enjoy many outdoor activities in New Hampshire. Here are some samples of what you can engage in and have fun with during the season:

1. Rock climbing in Rumney

You will find protected crags made possible through the efforts of the Rumney Climber’s Association. These crags are perfect for those who are in search of something thrilling.

They are not meant for beginners, but you can try climbing them if you have a coach or have already tried climbing something with similar levels of difficulty in the past.

2. Riding the ATV on Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail

The trail is 18 miles long, which is more than enough to have a blast riding an ATV while exploring the site. Before hopping on an ATV, you must first make sure that it is allowed on your chosen trail.

For your safety, always bring some outdoor gear you can use when you encounter unexpected wildlife, such as a bear or deer.

3. Try kayaking in New Castle

This is a small island in New Hampshire frequented by kayak enthusiasts. Even when it is your first time on a kayak, you can try it since the waters are calm and safe to explore.

You will find shops that rent equipment, and many of them will also offer to take you to the site or ask you to join group kayak adventures.

While engaged in this activity, you can have an appetizing food stop at the Ice House that serves the best seafood chowder in town and offers delicious ice cream and other meals for lunch and dinner.

4. Hiking in Arethusa Falls

This is the highest waterfall you can hike in New Hampshire. You will find it in Crawford Notch State Park.

The waterfall is recommended for experienced hikers since it will take time to go up and down the trail.

If you happen to visit when the fall foliage is almost at its peak, you will witness a spectacular view from its bottom to the top. Aside from hiking, you can enjoy the place while doing other adventures, such as kayaking.

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