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Spofford Lake

Spofford Lake is a Class A lake with excellent water clarity. The lake is 739 acres (1.1 square miles) in size with an average depth of 30 feet and maximum depth of 60+ feet. Its pristine water is provided mainly by surface run-off and groundwater infiltration. There is a dam and outflow on the eastern side. For its size the lake has a fairly small watershed, which is largely comprised of undeveloped wooded hillsides surrounding the lake.

Recreational Opportunities

The lake offers two public beaches: North Shore (Chesterfield residents only) and Ware’s Grove. The North Shore beach offers lifeguards during part of the summer and is open from 9 am to 9 pm daily. The sandy beach offers both sun and shade and is rarely crowded. There are bathrooms, grills and picnic tables.

If you prefer more amenities or are not a town resident, visit Wares Grove Beach. The large sandy beach is great for all ages with shallow water for a long way out. You'll find a concession stand, volleyball, basketball, tetherball, play structure and a swing set. Wares Grove is open from 9 am to 9 pm, with lifeguards on duty until 6 pm. There is an admission fee.

In addition to swimming, Spofford Lake is a favorite destination for boaters and fishermen, with one boat launch (parking for <20 cars/trucks) and a private yacht club. It also has a state owned island to visit during the day (with no houses).


Spofford Lake


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Spofford Lake Association        

Mission Statement:  The Spofford Lake Association exists to protect the natural resources and ecological conditions of Spofford Lake and of Chesterfield, New Hampshire so as to serve their recreational interests, promote their preservation, and enhance their character and scenic beauty.  



The Spofford Lake Association (SLA) functions to ensure that the water quality and lake vegetation will be desireable for fishing, wildlife habitat, and recreational pursuits for generations to come.

During summer 2012 data was collected to begin the task of writing a Comprehensive Inventory of Spofford Lake. The purpose is to understand the attributes of the area in present times…to set a baseline. How many fishing boats are on the lake on a typical morning in the summer? How many boats are housed on the lake? What are the characteristics of the lake’s watershed? What animals live in the watershed? These are some of the inquiries to be explained.
Additionally, the CCC financially supports the SLA's efforts to maintain a Lake Host Program (courtesy boat inspection) to prevent the introduction and spread of exotic aquatic plants such as variable milfoil. To assist with these endeavors the SLA also operates a Weed Watch Program. Volunteers examine shoreline waters three to twelve feet deep several times a year in search of unwanted exotic vegetation.
Spofford Lake is a 739-acre (2.99 km2)[1] water body located in Cheshire County in southwestern New Hampshire, in the town of Chesterfield. Water from Spofford Lake flows via Partridge Brook to the Connecticut River. In 2005 the NH Department of Fish and Game named Spofford Lake the cleanest lake in southwestern New Hampshire, despite the amount of motor boating. The village of Spofford is located at the lake's outlet..