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Pisgah State Park


Horseshoe Road Entrance Pisgah State Forest, Chesterfield, NH Pisgah State Park includes over 13,500 acres (5695 in Chesterfield) of rough forested terrain encompassing a complete watershed north of the Pisgah State Park includes Ashuelot River. Within the Cheshire County towns of Winchester, Chesterfield and Hinsdale, the park protects seven ponds, four highland ridges and numerous wetlands. The area's 21 square miles make it the largest property in the New Hampshire state park System.



Six trailheads around the park disperse use, lessening visitor impact and encouraging the discovery of Pisgah's natural and cultural features. Year-round, trailheads pro vide options for short, moderate and long treks into the backcountry. Park staff monitor the impact of momotorized and bicycle use on the park seasonally. Trail and road use designations, specific to surface conditions, can be found on the park map

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Friends of Pisgah

 The Friends of Pisgah, Inc. is a group of volunteers organized to assist the State of New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation in the planning, operation and maintenance of Pisgah State Park, so that the lands are preserved in a natural condition and conserved in accordance with an approved management plan. The Friends have been critically involved in the development and maintenance of the park's trail system and have extensively documented the history of the area. All are welcome to join the Friends. Members recieve periodic mailings throughout the year to keep them informed about meetings and upcoming events such as hikes, volunteer work details, picnics and field trips.Friends of Pisgah