A properly packed backpack saves you time on the trail and ensures you’ve got everything you need while hiking, camping, or doing other outdoor activities.

Here are the steps to have an adequately packed outdoor bag:

  1. Before putting everything inside the bag, lay out all your gears on the floor or bed. Check that you have everything you need, and leave behind the ones that aren’t necessary for the trip. Organize everything and check that each tool is working.
  2. Place all things you won’t need to put out while on the trail at the bottom of the back. You must pack these items as the base includes layers of clothing, extra shoes, and a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag will provide support at the bag’s bottom among the three. Place the shoes on top and the extra layers of clothing in the spaces on the side or around the shoes.
  3. For the middle part of the bag, you can put canisters for food storage, the food you won’t eat while on the trail, cooking pots, stove, and tent. This will make the bag’s weight bearable since the middle part has the items with the most weight.
  4. On top of the bag, put the items you might need to pull out any time while on the trail. They include toiletries, a first aid kit, an insulated jacket, or other rain gear.
  5. You can put smaller items on the storage outside the bag, such as ice axes, trekking poles, water bottles, phones, cameras, and energy bars.

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