Even during the winter seasons, you can enjoy the outdoors as long as you are appropriately dressed and have the right gears. Here are some essential tips you can follow to keep warm in the outdoors during the cold season:

  1. Choose appropriate headwear. You can wear a fleece or knit hat to keep your head warm in below-freezing temperatures. Choose the kind of hat that provides added protection for your face and ears. Make sure that the size is fitted and won’t make you feel uncomfortable, even if you have to wear them throughout your trip.
  2. Choose a base layer of clothing enough to keep you warm. You will need non-cotton sock liners, long underwear bottoms, and a top with long sleeves for the base. The base layer of clothing must be made from moisture-wicking and non-cotton materials.
  3. You can add sweaters, hoodies, and pullovers for your mid-layer of clothing. Choose the types with a zipper on the front so you can easily access or open them to cool down or ventilate if necessary.
  4. For the outer layer, wear something insulated and water and wind-resistant. It can be a jacket or coat for the top and regular pants for your legs. You must also wear outer gloves on top of your liner gloves.
  5. Your footwear will depend on the activities you’ve planned on doing, but you must choose something insulated. Use appropriate boots if you are planning to go snowboarding or skiing and waterproof boots if you’ll go hiking or snowshoeing in trails covered with snow.

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