One of the most challenging things to do while out in the backcountry or hiking or camping is finding ways to charge your gadgets. This is now made possible by the handy devices you can bring wherever you go to charge devices, including cameras, GPS trackers, phones, and more.

For Expeditions

If you know you’d be gone for an extended period; you have to prepare a bigger power station with more outlets and ports. It is also necessary to bring a solar panel to charge the power station before it gets drained.

For Weekend Trips

A battery pack with high capacity may already be enough if you only travel for a few days. Choose the kind of power bank that can charge all types of devices you intend to bring. As much as possible, choose something waterproof and can charge many kinds of devices at once.

For Day Hiking

Bring a portable battery pack even if you will only be gone for a day hike. You never know what you will encounter once you are out there. It is best to be prepared and ensure that your gadgets will work even if you get stuck due to accidents or sudden weather changes.

For Extended Trips

If you’re gone for a week or longer, you will need more gadgets, especially if it is necessary to get in touch with people at work or home from time to time. Choose compact battery packs with enough capacity to charge all devices you have with you.

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