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Mount Wantastiquet State Forest

Mt Wantastiquet from Brattleboro, VT


Wantastiquet Mountain, 1335 feet high, is the predominant feature of the Wantastiquet Mountain State Forest. 520 Acres of the forest are located in the southwest corner of Chesterfield along the Connecticut River.





On Mine Ledge Commanding views of the Connecticut River Valley, Brattleboro Vermont and the Vermont Mountains can be found on both Wantastiquet and nearby Miner's Ledge. A rough trail continues from Miner's Ledge to Indian Pond and the Madame Sherri Forest. 


Wantastiquet Mountain Trail begins on a gravel road that was cut to serve the quarries on the mountain. It begins on Mountain Road, off of NH 119 past the bridge over the Connecticut River into NH. Head towards orange gate and waterfall. The trail is a series of switchbacks to the summit of Wantastiquet Mt. (1368') about 2 miles and 1 hour and 1/2 of hiking. The trail heads up to a communications tower and continues to the Mine Ledge Trail and down to the Indian Pond on the Anne Stokes Trail in the Madame Sherri Forest.


W-M Trail, Western Section Wantastiquet-Monadnock Greenway and Trail (Western Sector Map)
Mine Ledge Mount Wantastiquet & Mine Ledge Image Gallery

The parking area can be accessed from a road leaving Rte 119 between the Bridge and the Walmart Entrance.