Part of the reason why people go camping is that they love nature. You can only prove that when you don’t leave a mess by keeping your campsite clean during your stay and before you go.

Here are some of the top tips to get this done:

1. Pack cleaning materials

While you always have to travel light when you go on a camping trip, it wouldn’t be so much to pack some cleaning tools in your bag. Some essential cleaning materials include two pieces of cloth.

You will use the cloth alternately to clean the dishes, wipe surfaces, wipe off dust and dirt, and clean yourself.

A small brush or broom can keep dirt away from your tent, and have a garbage bag handy if the campsite doesn’t have designated garbage bins near your spot.

2. Do not bring too many disposables

While using disposables on your camping trip may be convenient, they create unneeded waste that you could have prevented.

Instead of disposables, you can pack some reusable items you can wash or wipe after using while camping.

Even the packed foods you intend to bring can be removed from their original packaging and transferred to reusable containers.

3. Bring a tarp or ground cloth

You can lay a tarp or ground cloth in the area of your camp where you do most of the activities, including cooking and eating. The material will gather dirt, which you can easily dispose of at the end of each day.

4. Prepare and store your food away from your tent

You must maintain your campsite clean and free from food scents, which can attract critters or even raccoons, bears, and other animals. It is best to store and cook your food within a distance from your sleeping area.

You must also read through the campsite guidelines regarding food storage and preparation and follow everything once on site.

5. Keep watch of the campfires

If you are on a campsite with a designated fire ring, ensure that you don’t burn anything in it but firewood.

You also cannot gather your own wood to burn, so use only the ones provided by the camp.

Do not burn your leftovers, paper, garbage, and anything else that might cause the fire to get bigger.

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