Go ultralight on your next backpacking trip to enjoy the experience without leaving behind valuable things. Even if you think that this might be difficult, it is possible as long as you follow these techniques:

1. Invest in a quality backpack designed as an ultralight.

It is common for many campers to use backpacks that already weigh heavy while empty. An ultralight backpack is essential for people who love to travel, especially those who are into camping. The best backpacks of this kind would weigh less than two pounds. You can also choose among the lines available for men and women.

2. Only pack what’s necessary.

Before packing your things, leave behind everything you won’t need while camping. Disregard luxury for the meantime and prioritize practicality. You won’t need many clothes during the trip, so bring only the basics in limited numbers.

3. You don’t have to bring a tent with you all the time when you go camping.

Familiarize yourself with the area, and get a simple tarp or a hammock instead of a tent that would be enough to keep off the rain and wind.

4. Bring a refillable bottle with you during the trip.

A disposable bottle is lighter than the standard equipment used in camping or hiking, such as Nalgene bottles and hydration reservoirs.

5. Go for lighter shoes.

A pair of trail running shoes weigh lighter than the rugged boots many hikers prefer using. You can try it for a change and experience the stability and protection these running shoes can provide no matter the kind of trail you are following. You can browse online stores to find the perfect shoes depending on your weight and other preferences. Make sure that you choose the quality type that is comfortable to weak without compromising support and safety.

6. Limit the gadgets you will bring.

Use your camping time to experience adventures and nature without relying too much on your gadget. Besides, when you bring phones, laptops, and cameras, you’d also need to carry bulky battery packs and other charging devices to keep them working. Instead, you can bring the basics, like a phone that you can use in taking pictures and one battery pack that will last long while you are out in the woods.

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