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Later this spring we are going to be visiting New Hampshire and Maine. We've heard a lot about the Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail and Pisgah. Would these be top recommendations for stops? We're homeschoolers and are looking to make this as educational as possible. Any good museums?
Really great work! Im truly impressed ;)
James Joy(non-registered)
Love chesterfield!
jeff johnson(non-registered)
Hello, I've been fishing The Lake for 30 years. Last fall (2014) i couldn't launch my boat due to the lake draw down for road and bridge repairs.Can anyone tell me when lake will be brought back up!! Just stopped by the launch (4/2/15) and level was still low. I know ice out is going slow this spring but i missed fall fishing last year and am hoping i wont miss the spring as well. Best regards, jeff johnson
I have been wondering about the Ann Stokes Loop. It was obviously named for someone, but I can not find out who the person was or why they warranted the honor. We homeschool our son and are doing a unit on local history and heroes and wanted to add some of the trail names/why they were honored to our lesson. Love this forest by the way. Thank you for maintaining it.
Absolutely ridiculous to stop ice fishing.. it does not hinder the water quality anymore than the people swiiming, boats etc. this is a public body of water and is on the list of Public waters and also has a state owned island. Furthermore . rsa rule proves that once a body of water is frozen it becomes a public R.O.W and you can ride four wheelers, snowmobiles and etc. The only reason some of the residents do not want ice fishing is because of the bob houses that they think will destroy their view and the diversity of people who will be out there. Lake residents do not own this body of water and the Lake shore committe should be encouraging this outdoor sport. They also want to own the stste boat ramp. because they want control of who uses the Pond. This sounds pretty pretentous to me and i am embarrased to call the people who are against this Granite staters. and those of you from out of state who are against this and own lakeshore property.. this is not your state and do not try to make it like where you are from.
Ken Walton(non-registered)
Fish and Game has scheduled a hearing on July 1st in Concord to discuss opening Spofford Lake to ice fishing. Would you please look into the issue and make the Commission's views known to Fish and Game? I oppose ice fishing, as it would create an additional risk to the lake's water quality.
Tasha Goodell Croteau(non-registered)
Hello, I would like to know where the granite outcrop is located from the picture of a person on rock with overlook.
Thank you. Tasha
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