List of Hunting Season Dates

Check the hunting season dates to schedule your trip depending on your interests and availability. The animals you can hunt and where you will find them depend on the months of the year, season, and weather. Here’s a summary of the hunting season dates in New Hampshire:

Youth turkey hunting – April 24 to 25
Wild turkey hunting in spring – May 1 to 31
Black bear hunting – Begins on September 1
Water Flow depending on the zone and species – Months of September to January
Archery or deer season – September 15 to December 15

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Dressing Up for the Cold Weather

Even during the winter seasons, you can enjoy the outdoors as long as you are appropriately dressed and have the right gears. Here are some essential tips you can follow to keep warm in the outdoors during the cold season:

Choose appropriate headwear. You can wear a fleece or knit hat to keep your head warm in below-freezing temperatures. Choose the kind of hat that provides added protection for your face and ears. Make sure that the size is fitted and won’t make you feel uncomfortable, even if you have to wear them throughout your trip.

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Easy Steps to Properly Pack Your Backpack

A properly packed backpack saves you time on the trail and ensures you’ve got everything you need while hiking, camping, or doing other outdoor activities.
Here are the steps to have an adequately packed outdoor bag:

Before putting everything inside the bag, lay out all your gears on the floor or bed. Check that you have everything you need, and leave behind the ones that aren’t necessary for the trip. Organize everything and check that each tool is working.
Place all things you won’t need to …

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Tips on Charging Your Gadgets While Hiking or Camping

One of the most challenging things to do while out in the backcountry or hiking or camping is finding ways to charge your gadgets. This is now made possible by the handy devices you can bring wherever you go to charge devices, including cameras, GPS trackers, phones, and more.
For Expeditions
If you know you’d be gone for an extended period; you have to prepare a bigger power station with more outlets and ports. It is also necessary to bring a solar panel to charge the power station before it gets drained.

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Vital Rules for Paddlers

Paddling is fun, but you have to ensure safety all the time to make it more enjoyable.
Here are the ways on how to get this done:
1. Do the activity with a partner.
Paddling is more fun when you do it with a teammate. Tag along with a loved one or friend. Aside from keeping you company, you will also feel more at ease, especially when you experience anything awry during the activity.
2. Tell a friend or family member about your plans.

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Quick Tips in Buying Your First Boat

Buying a boat is not that simple. Aside from the responsibility it entails, it is also considered a big purchase, no matter the size of the boat you’re buying.
Here are some tips you can follow to make the process easier for you:
1. Decide on the size
You must not buy any boat size just because you want to.
You have to consider many factors, such as storage and tow vehicles. You must also have the skills to maneuver the size of the boat you want to own.
Make sure that you have space to keep it, and you know where to find the tow vehicle you can use in handling the boat.
2. How you will use the boat

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Top Outdoor Activities You Can Do in New Hampshire During Fall

Fall is the season when you can enjoy many outdoor activities in New Hampshire. Here are some samples of what you can engage in and have fun with during the season:
1. Rock climbing in Rumney
You will find protected crags made possible through the efforts of the Rumney Climber’s Association. These crags are perfect for those who are in search of something thrilling.
They are not meant for beginners, but you can try climbing them if you have a coach or have already tried climbing something with similar levels of difficulty in the past.

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Deerfield Craft Fair

Are you into arts and crafts? Be sure to check the site out at the Frontier Regional School, 113 North Main Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373. They have an official website you can check for more details. The place holds an annual craft fair done by the Deerfield Police Department.
For the December 11 schedule, you can check out other stores while visiting the craft fair, including the Elks Winter Craft Fair, Heritage Farmer’s Market, and the New Ipswich Farmers’ Market.

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Top Tips on Going Ultralight on Your Backpacking Trail

Go ultralight on your next backpacking trip to enjoy the experience without leaving behind valuable things. Even if you think that this might be difficult, it is possible as long as you follow these techniques:
1. Invest in a quality backpack designed as an ultralight.
It is common for many campers to use backpacks that already weigh heavy while empty. An ultralight backpack is essential for people who love to travel, especially those who are into camping. The best backpacks of this kind would weigh less than two pounds. You can also choose among the lines available for men and …

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